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Police Auctions

WOMA Specialist Police Auctions take place on two Thursdays each month. Starting at 18:00hrs, the sales include:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Accident Damage Vehicles
  • Non-runners
  • Plant and equipment


Police sale dates for 2019

All sales are held on a Thursday at 18:00hrs

Thursday 10th January                    Thursday 24th January

Thursday 7th February                   Thursday 21st February

Thursday 7th March                       Thursday 21st March

Thursday 11th April                          Thursday 25th April

Thursday 9th May                           Thursday 23rd May

Thursday 6th June                          Thursday 20th June

Thursday 11th July                          Thursday 25th July

Thursday 8th August                       Thursday 22nd August

Thursday 5th September                Thursday 19th September

Thursday 10th October                     Thursday 24th October

Thursday 7th November                 Thursday 21st November

                          Thursday 12th December

All Police sales start at 18.00hrs (Except December TBA)

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