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Easing out of Lock Down at WOMA

Like all businesses under the Governments collective banner of 'Non Essential retail' we are permitted to re-open for physical sales. Our first will be held on Tuesday 13th April and the next will be Thursday 15th April both will return to the regular evening time of 18.00 and from week commencing 12th April our offices will return to opening Monday to Friday.

All vehicles will be driven through the hall and auctioned live to both hall and On Line bidders (On line charges will apply)

Due to the on going need to for social distancing to protect both our staff and customers, our sales will only be open to our registered trade Account holders. We are hoping, again pending Government confirmation, to allow private buyers back around Mid June (TBC)

Please note, again to protect all concerned it will be mandatory for all customers to wear face masks, any where on our site - both indoors and outdoors.

We look forward to welcoming you all back next week.

If you have any further questions please feel very welcome to call our offices on 01993 774413 

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