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Buying a car?

  • 2 Auctions a week - Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6.00pm-9.00pm
  • Wide choice of vehicles - from £100 - £20,000 +
  • Reliable Stock - sourced from main dealers, fleet disposals and local authorities.
  • Security - all vehicles checked against an independent national register of vehicles for ownership validity, including additional checks through registration documents and MOT.

What do I need to know?

Once the hammer confirms the sale the bidder reports to the Rostrum Clerk, signs for the vehicle and pays the appropriate deposit.

*see methods of payment in How do I pay section.

The Rostrum Clerk will confirm if the car has been bought outright or provisionally.

If bought outright
The balance is payable at the payments window where you will also collect your documents and keys.

N.B. All sold vehicles need to be paid for in full and removed from WOMA premises by 2.0pm on the day following the sale. Failure to comply will result in a daily storage charge. If the vehicle is still unclaimed by the date of the next sale, the vehicle will be re-entered for auction and the deposit forfeited.

If bought provisionally
This means that your bid has not reached the sellers reserve price. The deposit must still be paid and our enquiries team will make contact with the seller as soon as possible and negotiate on your behalf.


WOMA Assured Scheme

WOMA Assured is a multi point mechanical inspection undertaken by fully qualified Vehicle Technicians, with background knowledge of a broad spectrum of vehicles.

The WOMA scheme is designed to provide customers with all the information required to make an informed decision about potential purchases, whilst being backed up with a piece of mind guarantee.

The report gives you a snapshot of the vehicle’s mechanical condition and is accurate at the point of inspection.

The majority of vehicles with a CAP Value over £1,000.00 will now be offered with the WOMA Assured Guarantee.

Our Assured scheme covers areas such as:

Engine operation




Key electrical components

Fluid levels

Dashboard lights

Vehicles sold under the scheme come with our assurance that the areas covered are as described on our WOMA Assured report.

Should any element not meet the standard detailed, we will happily look to replace, repair or refund the sale price, subject to conditions set out in our terms & conditions.


Sold with a trial
You place a deposit and a driver with trade plates will take you for a road trial. Major defects such as engine, gearbox, clutch, drivetrain and any system warning lights are checked during the trial.

If the car fails due to a major defect after the trial, but within one hour of the sale closing, your money will be refunded.

Purchasers should be satisfied that paintwork and bodywork condition are acceptable prior to bidding.

N.B. Trials can only be taken on the sale evening if the vehicle is bought outright. If it is a provisional bid ,which is accepted the following day a one hour trial period can be taken.

The buyer accepts the vehicle as seen and WOMA is not responsible for any defects found after purchase. The only exception to this rule is if there is an error in the printed vehicle description information.

Important information
Please check the following:

  1. WOMA terms and conditions, displayed in the auction hall or available from the enquiries office.
  2. The vehicle details displayed on the entry form or vehicle windscreen before bidding.
  3. The V.I.N. number (chassis number) on the car corresponds with the number printed on the V5.


How do I pay?

We accept debit cards for deposits up to £500 in value, all final balances payments are  to be made via bacs transfer or Faster Payment Service (FPS) it should be noted some banks have their own maximum transfer values via FPS.

Note: We do not accept Credit cards for any type of payment

Please call our office on 01993 774413 for our bank details and any further info you may require.

Note: All vehicle must be paid for in full within 24 hours of the purchase date. 


Up to £1000 £200
From £1001-£2000 £300
£2001 + £500



Buyers premium

All purchases are subject to the BUYERS PREMIUM. This forms part of the commission structure and is a mandatory payment. 

Sale price                                                              Buyers Premium

£0 - £49 £58
£50 - £99 £109
£100 - £199 £137
£200 - £299 £186
£300 - £399 £206
£400 - £599 £221
£600 - £799 £236
£800 - £999 £250
£1,000 - £1,199 £294
£1,200 - £1,399 £308
£1,400 - £1,599 £322
£1,600 - £1,799 £331
£1,800 - £1,999 £341
£2,000 - £2,199 £349
£2,200 - £2,399 £364
£2,400 - £2,599 £379
£2,600 - £2,799 £394
£2,800 - £2,999 £408
£3,000 - £3,199 £421
£3,200 - £3,399 £433
£3,400 - £3,599 £445
£3,600 - £3,799 £454
£3,800 - £3,999 £463
£4,000 - £4,199 £469
£4,200 - £4,399 £491
£4,400 - £4,599 £511
£4,600 - £4,799 £526
£4,800 - £4,999 £540
£5,000 - £5,499 £553
£5,500 - £5,999 £559

Supplementary Buyers Premiums.

All vehicles from the following vendors are subject to an additional supplement - ex Government including Police, Fire and Ambulance. Ex Municipal.

Vehicles from £0 - £999 = plus additional £55 (+ VAT)

Vehicles from £1000 onwards = plus addition £110 (+VAT)


Admin Fee

All sold vehicles are subject to a £5.00 + VAT admin fee 

DVLA Processing Fee

All vehicles sold to private buyers (non Trade account holders) will be subject to a DVLA processing fee of £20.00 + Vat per vehicle. 

On Line Charges

All vehicles purchased remotely / On Line are subject to both our Buyers Premiums, plus an on line purchase fee of £40.00 + VAT per vehicle. 


Storage fees

£20.00 + VAT per day for vehicles not collected within 24 hours.

Payment can be made by debit card or bacs transfer 



Before we start if you are not a VAT (Value Added Tax) registered business, for example you have a VAT number in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland then this really does not apply to you, but read on if you are interested.

Vehicles purchased under the HMRC ‘Margin scheme’ must be done so with any Buyers Premiums showing a VAT inclusive figure. 

This requirement will be of benefit to VAT registered customers, as the Buyers Premium will form part of the purchase price of the vehicle and in doing so provides a small VAT saving on the profit made. The claiming back of the VAT content of the Buyers Premium remains unaffected..

 Vehicle sold under the banner of ‘VAT Qualifying’ (Fleet, Ex Demo etc) are unaffected by this and as such the VAT will be shown separately on invoices.

This is a very brief summary of the requirements, more information on this subject can be found on the HMRC web site at...

The Margin Scheme on second-hand cars and other vehicles (VAT Notice 718/1) - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


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